KrisMac Schedules

Serving Dedham, Roslindale, West Roxbury, Hyde Park and Jamaica Plain

May 13, 2021 


Time Open First Last Street Address Neighborhood Type Price Special Request
11:00am 11-11:30am Linda Logan 136 Village Avenue Dedham Single 1795000  

Jamaica Plain

Time Open First Last Street Address Neighborhood Type Price Special Request  
10:00am 10-11:00am Nextdoor Realty Team 14-16 St. Rose Street Jamaica Plain Condo 569,000 10am-11am
10:00am 10-11:00am Dolores Boylan 15 Cataumet Street Jamaica Plain Single   Broker tour from 10-11 am
10:00am 10-11:00am Ellen Grubert 44 Jamaica St Jamaica Plain Single 849000 1 hour time slot
10:00am 12-1:00 Eric Johnson 9 Calvin Road Jamaica Plain Single 1,450,000    
10:30am 10:30-11:00am Christian Iantosca 10 Forest Hills St #1 Jamaica Plain Condo 499,000    
11:00am 11-12:00 Ellen Grubert 13A Hubbard Jamaica Plain Condo 985000 1 hour time slot
11:30am 11:30-12:00pm Christian Iantosca 38 Clive St #1 Jamaica Plain Condo 699,000    
11:30am 11:30-12:00pm Susan Zutrau 76 Boylston St. Jamaica Plain Condo 545,000 11:30 or after if possible
12:00pm 12-1:00pm Nathan Kirby 30 Everett St #2 Jamaica Plain Condo 939,000 12:00-1:00
1:00pm 1-2:00pm Ellen Grubert 3 Stockwell Mission Hill Condo 779000 Can you list this for us in Mission Hill from 1-2

Roslindale & West Roxbury

Time Open First Last Street Address Neighborhood Type Price Special Request
10:30am 10:30-11:00am Nathan Kirby 36 Symmes St #1 Roslindale Condo 460,000 10:30-11:00
11:00am 11-11:30am Meg Vulliez 700 West Roxbury Parkway Roslindale Single    
11:00am 11-11:30am Bunny Cecchetto 45 Ethel Street Roslindale Single $879,000 11-11:30AM
11:30am 11:30-12:30pm Melony Swasey 64 Fletcher St. UA Roslindale Condo $650,000 Buyers welcome; 11:30am–12:30pm
11:30am 11:30-12:00pm Andrea Ladd Muncey Group 370 Beech Street #1 Roslindale Condo $839,000  
12:00pm 12-1:00pm Beth Maguire 93-95 Wellsmere Units A & B Roslindale Condo $699,000 12-1 w/ Takeaway Lunch
12:00pm 12-1:00pm Melony Swasey 43 Delano Park Roslindale Single $550,000 Buyers welcome; 12–1pm
10:30am 10:30-11:30am Gretchen Lundgren 103 Buchanan Road West Roxbury Single 699,900 10:30-11:30
11:00am 11-11:30am Steven Musto 27 Caspar Street West Roxbury     11am
11:15am 11:15-11:45am Moira O’Brien 749 West Roxbury Pkwy West Roxbury Single    
11:00am 11-12:00pm Dennis Patch 63 Beech Street West Roxbury Multi 1,200,000 11-12pm time slot
11:30am 11:30-12:00pm Seth Mitchell 34 Hastings St. West Roxbury   $1,395,000  
12:00pm 12-12:30pm David Burd 223 Wren Street West Roxbury Single $1,448,000 Noon would be great, thanks

Hyde Park

TimeOpenFirstLastStreet AddressNeighborhoodTypePriceSpecial Request
10:00am10-10:30amDanielleO’Brien34 Beacon StreetHyde ParkSingle$639,000